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EC Buildings: a Nix Company
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The EC Difference

Nix Companies has a strong heritage that began in the late 1800’s when Charles Nix settled in Poseyville, Indiana. Charles operated a blacksmith shop shoeing horses and forming iron. At the conclusion of Charles’ career, his two eldest sons ran the business for several years before turning the business over to the youngest son Carl. Carl operated out of a small dirt floor building for several years before moving across town to its current location at 129 West Fletchall avenue in Poseyville. Carl and his only son, Carl Jr. (Sonny) constructed the building at its current location in 1957. This father and son team formed Carl A. Nix Welding Service, Inc. In 1975, the fourth-generation was added when Charles William Nix (Bill), son of Sonny, joined the team. The three worked together until Carl Sr. passed away in 1982. In recent years, the fifth-generation was added when Matthew Nix and Adam Nix, sons of Charles William, joined the family business. In the past decade our company has seen growth in various areas including new equipment, larger buildings and infrastructure, and a growing staff. These changes have come about to both adapt with the ages and meet the ever growing demand for our services. As we continue to adapt and grow there is much emphasis on remaining the same. We will always strive to meet the same level of quality and customer service set forth by the generations before us.

EC Buildings is part of the NIX family of businesses. Our fifth generation family business has been around over 115 years. This can be attributed to our humble and hardworking business practices, our quality craftsmanship, and above all, our commitment to integrity in both people and our products. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable, and easy to work with.


Throughout five generations of family ownership, Nix Companies has acquired an unmatched level of experience within the markets they serve, bringing unparalleled expertise to the superior solutions they provide.


Nix Companies is driven by customer service – and held to the highest possible standard as they strive to go beyond expectations at every touchpoint, resulting in a customer–centric culture that drives every decision Nix makes as an organization.


Nix Companies has a proud and storied history, but that history does not make them complacent – they constantly strive to streamline processes, improve products and deliver new and innovative solutions to ensure relevance and maintain ownership in the markets they serve.

Responsive / Dynamic

Nix Companies has the unique ability to adapt its roster of products and services to not only meet the needs of its customers, but also to expand its capabilities into other markets as well. That responsiveness extends on–the–job, as well, as Nix is skilled at assessing needs and adjusting solutions in real time. Flexible, responsive, Nix Companies is primed to evolve with every job in every market they serve.

People / Integrity

It is a rare and exceptional thing for a company to remain in business for over 100 years. Nix Companies can attribute that milestone to the integrity and determination of those who are the heart and soul of the organization – its employees. Every relationship forged by a Nix employee is strong, resilient and lasting, and Nix works tirelessly to employ only those they feel can and will uphold this reputation.

Reliable / Consistent

Nix Companies not only provides its customers with superior service and products, but also provides them with peace–of–mind knowing that the end–product will be delivered as specified, on–time, on–budget and always of the highest quality and integrity.