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EC Buildings: a Nix Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time?

Depending on our current workload, the lead time could be as short as 2 weeks on a container modification and 4 weeks on a custom design to build unit.

How do you lift the building into place on the job site?

Our buildings can be set a number of ways and we can work with you to design that in. This includes crane, fork pockets and other rigging.

How is the building secured?

We will work with you to ensure the fastening of the building meets all engineering and site requirements. The buildings are commonly bolted, welded, and anchored down. Some shipping containers, such as mobile offices, may not need to be secured at all. For portable spaces that are not on concrete or structures and are needing to be secured, we can provide a ground auger securing system.

If this building is elevated, can you provide the structure for it to sit on?

Yes, we commonly fabricate structures for this application.

Can you provide stairs if the structure is elevated?

Yes, we commonly fabricate stairs and platforms for elevated structures. These can easily be shipped with your building or conex.

How do I get pricing on a unit?

Just fill out our simple Request for Quote form and we will email you a quote within 24 hours.

Do you have standard models?

Yes, we have several standard models available. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Do you offer engineering and design services?

Yes, we have a complete engineering department. We can provide basic plans, 3D design models, as well as P.E. stamped drawings.

What are the advantages over traditional construction?

There are many advantages over traditional construction. To compare options, visit our Conventional Construction vs. EC Buildings page for a specific break-down.

Do the buildings provide blast mitigation?

Yes, we have explosion proof and blast proof models.

Can you modify a shipping container "conex"?

Yes, we regularly work from a shipping container (aka. "conex").

Can you create a multi-level building?

Yes, modified shipping containers make excellent multi-level structures. They can be easily and safely stacked on site.

Do I have to have a construction permit?

You should always consult with your local municipality or governmental authority, but many of our modular building applications and container modifications do not require building permits.