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Portable Metal Buildings For The Agriculture Industry

Nix EC Buildings are perfect for the rugged demands of the agricultural industry. Over the last few years we've built a wide range of custom metal buildings to meet the needs of our Ag customers.

Grain Probe Shacks

Does your grain elevator or storage facility need to inspect incoming shipments of grain? If so, an elevated grain probe shack from EC Buildings might be the perfect solution for you. These elevated shacks come pre-built, complete with railings and can typically be lifted onto a elevated foundation within one day. Elevated inspection houses allow employees to monitor and inspect incoming shipments and take moisture readings right from the shack that is mounted above the truck, instead of climbing up ladders to inspect incoming grain.

Secure Storage

A modified shipping container from EC Buildings provides agricultural companies with a secure way to lock up equipment or supplies in remote locations. These containers are weather proof and can be placed directly on the ground or on an elevated foundation. Equipment like HVAC or exhaust fans can be added to control temperatures inside the metal storage building. These buildings can also be relocated if your storage needs change down the road.

Metal Pump Houses

Does your agricultural operation use large pumps to move water? If so, a metal self-contained pump building might be right for you. Large pumps can be secured inside the building and access to fittings can be plumbed out of the walls at any location you desire. Tanks for fuel storage can be built in, as well as climate controls and room for monitoring and control equipment for the pumps. Tell us about your needs and pumping equipment and our engineering team will design a self contained metal building to house everything you need.

Below is a List of our Common Products for Your Industry:

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