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Prefab Metal Buildings For Corrections Facilities

Prefabricated metal buildings offer corrections facilities quick turn and cost effective solutions to meet a wide range of needs. Below are some real life examples of prefab metal buildings at correction facilities:

Portable Prison Cells

Portable holding cells can be installed at large events venues such as athletic facilities or festival grounds and can even be built with security office partitions in part of the building. These facilities can be installed in existing interior buildings or as stand alone exterior facilities. The cells can arrive on your site with preinstalled climate control, monitoring electronics and access controls so that onsite installation can be quickly and easily completed.

Corrections Facility Overflow Holding Cells

Prison populations continue to increase and unfortunately, this trend is not likely to slow down. Overcrowded prisons are unsafe and traditional accommodation for prisoners is expensive. Modified shipping containers or built to spec prefabricated buildings are a cost-effective solution and holding cells can be built to spec offsite and installed onsite without extended construction at the install site. They can be easily transported to the location and tailored to specific requirements. Not only is this a more cost-effective solution, but the reduced construction onsite eliminates potential security issues for workers and inmates.

Guard Stations

The ability to modify shipping containers with features such as air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, beds, monitoring stations, etc. make them ideal for providing your staff with comfortable, safe and secure conditions. These guard stations can also be raised and installed onto elevated platforms to provide prefabricated guard towers for prison facilities or other areas that need monitoring from an elevated position.

Armory and Munitions Storage

Prefab metal buildings can be built to store weapons and munitions. These highly secure buildings come with steal doors, high security access controls and locking gun storage racks as well as room for additional equipment that requires the highest security.

Metal Buildings for Use in Facility Security

One of the most popular installations of our metal buildings is for guard shacks at secure facilities like warehousing complexes or gated communities. Our metal buildings offer a cost effective and secure facility for your guards to operate out of. These buildings are often located at main gates to secure facilities and from these buildings guards can control gates, closed circuit TV monitoring and store equipment. Our metal buildings can be sided to match the aesthetics of your facility and are built offsite and delivered to your facility minimizing interruption to your day to day operations. Like our elevated guard shacks, security buildings can also be mounted in the air if your guards need to observe a large area from an elevated position while in building.

What separates EC Buildings is our ability to deliver a fully operational units to your facility at a competitive price in less time than our competitors. Tell us about your security needs and let us help you build and install the solution.

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