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Customized Containers For Emergency Services

Emergency services across the country are discovering that modified shipping containers are cost effective and practical solutions for their needs. These shipping containers can be fully modified to your exact specifications including things like HVAC systems, wiring, and even restroom facilities. The containers are modified in our shop and then installed at your location. They can also be moved down the road should the need arise.

Training for Fire Departments

When you need to simulate real life situations for initial and ongoing training your best option is a modified steel container. With unmatched flexibility and scalability your design can continue to grow as your needs change.

IED Training Lanes for Military

Train with shipping containers to create the environment your forces to need for effective improvised explosive device training. Modifications can include breachable doors and windows, interior and exterior stairways and interior walls.

Secure Storage for Weapons and Ammunition

Modifying a shipping container with high security doors, custom locking gun racking and storage for ammunition can be a great alternative to building a stand alone building. These containers can be moved or even installed in a warehouse.

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