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From control rooms to equipment enclosures, our portable metal buildings are designed to optimize space and assure compliance with the codes your project demands. Our cubes can come bare or preconfigured with electrical, structural, and HVAC designed to meet the needs of your equipment and the

Motor and power control rooms and compressor and hydraulic enclosures often have demanding specifications. Our fully integrated custom interiors provide not only optimized space planned out to meet for your needs, but we offer a wide range of interior finishes including floor, ceiling and wall finishes.

Our buildings are basically self-contained and can include complete preinstalled electrical wiring, switches, fixtures, controls and ground fault protection, built to your specifications. In addition, our custom designs can be specified with integral HVAC systems and built-in soundproofing, and fire-suppression, easy-access maintenance panels, clean room grade ventilation and air filtration systems, RF shielding or any other features you may need to meet code requirements for your industrial installation.

Below is a List of our Common Products for Your Industry:

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