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Portable Shelters & Metal Buildings for The Oil & Gas Industry

Your production site is more than just a place to work. You need to protect your team and your equipment. Our modified steel shipping containers are perfectly suited to house your equipment onsite and as a temporary home for your crew members. With our temperature controlled containers, your equipment is safe from extreme temperatures, fire, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Oil and gas companies across the country looking for portable building options in the field or even at the refinery have turned to EC Buildings for a solution. Our portable buildings are much more durable and secure than your typical job site trailers. Our metal buildings can be custom engineered specifically for your needs. A few examples of how our pre-engineered steel buildings are used in the oil and gas industry are:

Break Rooms or Bunk Rooms

Preconstructed portable metal buildings allow your ruff necks or job site crew to rest and get out of the elements. These buildings can also double as storm shelters for crews that might be a remote drill site, or pipeline insulation. Options for container style break and bunk rooms include HVAC, off the grid power, camper-style plumbing and more.

Control Houses

Our rugged, durable buildings are ideal for remote job sites that require specialized climate sensitive controls to run pumps, compressors, etc. Our engineering team will work with you to secure your equipment in the control house and size the on-board HVAC units to handle the equipment you wish to install. These enclosures can be also fitted with access controls to keep your expensive equipment safe in remote job site locations.

Portable Pump Houses

If your job site requires large pumps or a series of pumps, we can build a metal enclosure to allow your pumps to be easily moved and protected during transit, storage and while in use.

Below is a List of our Common Products for Your Industry:

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