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Metal Buildings and Custom Fabricated Shipping Containers for Retailers

Retailers across the Midwest can benefit from modified shipping containers for things like offices, extra storage or even temporary retail facilities that can be moved down the road.

Kitchens and Vending Facilities

Our shipping containers can be fabricated into full service catering kitchens, snack shops or vending rooms. Depending on your needs we can fabricate large serving windows, storage facilities and even kitchens into our buildings. One popular use case for retail is on festival grounds. A steel building can be built to be moved around the festival grounds depending on the event.

Storm Shelters

Another popular use for retailers is to provide storm shelters for employees and customers. EC Buildings can build a custom metal storm shelter and install in at your location so that if a storm hits during business hours, your employees and customers have a safe place to ride it out.

Firework Stands

Custom metal containers make excellent retail fireworks stands. Large access windows and doors can be built open to the public, but then close securely when your store isn't in operation. Custom shelving can be preinstalled to hold inventory and check out lines can be added. Building a portable building for a fireworks stand versus a stick-built building gives you better fire protection, security and the ability to move your stand to a new location should you loose your lease or find a better spot.

Tell us about your retail challenges and let EC Buildings help you come up with solution to meet your challenges.

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