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EC Buildings: a Nix Company
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Design to Build

EC Buildings focuses on delivering products constructed from quality materials and provide a cost effective solution. With a Portable Steel Building constructed by EC Buildings, customers are able to solve all of their mobility constraints due to the heavy-duty materials used. Our buildings are constructed with a far superior design compared to others on the market. They have the capability of being set several stories in the air or dragged for miles through the mud. Unlike traditional construction, with our portable buildings, your project can be operational in weeks instead of months!

Container Mods

Each structure can be completely custom built or modified from an existing shipping container. Whenever or wherever you need space, we can customize a building to meet your needs. Because there is no “one size fits all” solution, we work closely with our customers to ensure all of their requirements are fully addressed during the design stage. Our in-depth experience provides a solid foundation for incorporating a wide range of options. The result is a solution that focuses on minimizing the impact of downtime and maximizing productivity without requiring a high cost to own.

Commercial and Industrial Applications for our Buildings, Cubes, or Containers are:

  • Job site offices
  • Housing electrical controls and other important equipment
  • E-houses
  • Dog house (oil field)
  • Sound rooms or acoustical enclosures
  • Guard houses
  • Break rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Store front
  • Retail space
  • Food vending booth
  • Housing
  • Portable event stage