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Guard Shacks or Security Buildings

Guard Stations

The ability to modify shipping containers with features such as air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, beds, monitoring stations, etc. make them ideal for providing your staff with comfortable, safe and secure conditions. These guard stations can also be raised and installed onto elevated platforms to provide prefabricated guard towers for prison facilities or other areas that need monitoring from an elevated position.

Metal Buildings for Use in Facility Security

One of the most popular installations of our metal buildings is for guard shacks at secure facilities like warehousing complexes or gated communities. Our metal buildings offer a cost effective and secure facility for your guards to operate out of. These buildings are often located at main gates to secure facilities and from these buildings guards can control gates, closed circuit TV monitoring and store equipment. Our metal buildings can be sided to match the aesthetics of your facility and are built offsite and delivered to your facility minimizing interruption to your day to day operations. Like our elevated guard shacks, security buildings can also be mounted in the air if your guards need to observe a large area from an elevated position while in building.

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