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Guard Shacks or Security Buildings

Trust EC Buildings for your next guard shack build. From custom built elevated and bullet resistant guard towers for high security facilities to to attractive metal guard shacks at property entrance gates we can help. These guard houses come pre-manufactured and ready to use once installed onsite. These buildings can be designed with load bearing roofs and access stairs to the roof, decks and railings to allow your guards a higher vantage point to observe your facility. Our guard shacks come fully insulated and can include heat and AC preinstalled and wired. Our guard shacks are fire resistant and the insulation used is not only mildew resistant but also provides sound and thermal protection from the elements for your security staff.

The exterior finish can be sided to match your facilities decor and or painted to stand out or blend into the surroundings depending on your needs. Company logos and informational signage such as "security" can be added to the outside as well as exterior lighting.

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