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Shipping Container Storm Shelters

Nix Storm Shelters are engineered to resist the destruction and penetration of tornado force winds up to 250 miles per hour.

We felt that we had a responsibility to produce a product of the highest quality that is affordable for families and more importantly will save lives. Our above ground storm shelters are fabricated with a 2″ structural square tube frame and steel plate sides and roof. These shelters may be anchored to existing foundations, garage floors, or any sufficient concrete surface. The heavy steel door opens to the inside allowing exit in case of objects landing in front of or against the shelter during a storm. The doors sliding latch system is quick, easy, and exceptionally strong with 3 high grade 3/4″ vault door style pins.

So why should you choose a Nix Storm Shelter? Number one - they can save lives. Also, these above ground shelters are the most cost effective safe alternative on the market, with no expensive and disruptive excavation required, which is great for both new and existing homes. The shelters are also a safe alternative for the elderly and handicap, who may find it difficult to climb stairs in case of an emergency.

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